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Eagle Eye Team

Eagle Eye Home Services Inc. is a company that values the quality of work we produce and the ethics that follow. Our #1 goal is to make sure the customer feels proud of what they paid for and that they will never need to look elsewhere for a contractor to fulfill all their needs.

We specialize in ALL forms of Construction Management, Design, and Insurance work, from Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling to ADU and Exterior Design. We do it all!!!

Eagle Eye Home Services Inc was founded in 2018 and is owned and operated by Karel Taska and Phillip Morgan. Combined with 20+ years of experience in construction and remodeling and 7 years in insurance recon and insurance estimate writing, Eagle Eye Home Services has the experience you need to make sure your house is put back together correctly. Karel Taska has been working in construction management for over 16+ years with a background in building, remodeling, and planning. Phillip Morgan is a former US Marine who proudly served our Country and has over 7+ years of experience in plumbing, electrical, repair and maintenance. Together we strive to stand above the rest and hold onto our clients for life. Part of the Eagle Eye Home Services team includes 3 Project Managers, 2 In-house Estimators, and over 125+ sub-contractors specializing in everything from custom glass, custom stair casing, pools, patio covers, pavers, retaining walls, re-pipping, engineering, stone repair, fabricators, rod-iron and much much more. Eagle Eye Home Services is your one-stop shop for all your home improvement needs.

Since 2018, Eagle Eye Home Services has remodeled or managed over 500+ Residential Homes, 25+ commercial or multifamily buildings and has written over 450+ insurance estimates earning our customers an average 25-50% more to make them whole. We are proud of what we do for our customers on a daily basis making sure they are made whole and given fair market value for any losses they have experienced in their homes. We fight hard for our customers and partners alike on what is right, not quick, which is what makes us so unique.
We service all of Orange County and the Inland Empire. We are also a proud company supporting local law enforcement and all military branches of service. God Bless America!

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